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ToT to Produce Good Facilitators


The working units of the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) Mandiri have not found yet the appropriate structure for community empowerment. By the Training of Trainers (ToT) for Community Empowerment Facilitators, the way to train unique trainers of facilitators will be figured out.

That was the speech of Prabawa Eka Soesanta, the representative of PNPM Mandiri’s working units from the Directorate-General of Village and Community Empowerment (Ditjen PMD), when officially opened the ToT for Community Empowerment Facilitators, which was held by Ditjen PMD, the Institute for Good Governance and Regional Development (IGGRD), and British Council Indonesia at Wisma Kinasih Resort in Depok on 15 February 2010.

In his speech, Prabawa asked the community facilitators attending the ToT to be able to assist communities in coping problems they encounter. This effort will depend on the facilitators’ vision and mission; whether they are proud to be a community facilitator or just a project laborer. Therefore, Prabawa said that Ditjen PMD wishes that the facilitator certification program is going to be started this year.

The facilitator certification program propagated by Ditjen PMD is mandatory for every community facilitator in Indonesia. “By this certification program, we will certify individuals who call themselves community facilitator,” Prabawa said.

Proud to be facilitators

Why the facilitator certification program is needed?

First reason: in consultant recruitment mechanisms, the recruiting institutions must recruit certified consultants.

“The rule says so,” Prabawa said. “In Indonesia, we can barely find the certified community empowerment consultants. It’s because the facilitator certification institute has not been established yet.”

Second reason: to protect communities. If the communities are going to be assisted, the state has to ensure that the communities’ assistant is really assisting. “This is also to ensure that people’s right to having good assisting facilitator is fulfilled,” Prabawa added.

According to Prabawa, being a community facilitator in other parts of the world is regarded as high as respectable professions such as accountant, doctor, and lawyer. “By that very fact,” he added, “we also want to make Indonesian community facilitators proud of their profession and existence.”

“After the ToT, we are going to pick some persons who are really concerned in community empowerment to attend the training of training designer,” Prabawa said.

Facilitator’s career plan

Another important thing is that the facilitator certification program also aims to give certain career plan to the community facilitators in Indonesia.

“The facilitators of PNPM Mandiri certainly have been wondering about their job after 2014. Such worries emerge because people tend to think that being community facilitator is not a real job,” Prabawa said.

In present labor markets, the rivalry is merely focused at snatching the contracts away from the governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. What really counts in such dynamics is the year of service rather than competencies.

“It’s because of the lack of standardization. The competencies are not measured so that the young never leads the elder. This isn’t fair,” Prabawa said.

In his speech as the project director of CFDP, Eka Simanjuntak said that IGGRD will make every effort in serving and satisfying the needs of ToT participants.

Eka also told the participants that, beside the facilitator certification program, the ToT has been made in line with the development of community facilitator database system maintained by Ditjen PMD. Every community facilitator will be registered in this database, including the individual’s background and experience, so that one day the database will be providing any required information about the certified facilitators. It also broadens the community facilitators’ opportunity to work as well as study overseas.

“For now, our opportunity to work abroad hasn’t been widely opened yet. Instead, we’re importing many facilitators who barely know a thing about Indonesia. This is ironic,” Eka said.

“Thereby,” he added, “we hope that the participants can make use of this ToT to enhance the current capabilities. For those who already have advanced skills, please consider this ToT as a refreshment. For those who are still newbie, let’s learn together, because nobody is higher in the context of andragogy.”

ToT’s opening ceremony was closed by a lecture about “Indonesianity” presented by Prabawa Eka Soesanta. Concurrent with ToT in Jakarta, the other ToTs are being held in Salatiga, Makassar, and Manado on 15-25 February 2010.



  1. fauzi Susanto says:

    Kapan akan diadakan pelatihan serta sertifikasi profesi bagi pemberdayaan masyarakat (comdef) untuk fasilitator kecamatan (PNPM MP)?
    Karena kita masih sebatas formalitas belaka, dan perlu penguatan nilai-nilai serta kapasitas kepada pelaku PNPM MP.


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