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Two ToTs Being Held in Depok


Two ToT classes for community facilitators has been opened at Wisma Kinasih Resort in Depok today, and will be going on till 25 February 2010.

The classes were started by introducing the training materials to the participants. Also by this introduction session, the participants were asked to prepare materials they were going to present at microteaching session later. The introduction session was delivered by Abraham Raubun and Chamiyatus Sidqiyah, the ToT’s principal trainers.

According to Chamiyatus, the participants are lucky ones. During her involvement in the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) Mandiri, the enrichment program for community facilitators was only once conducted, let alone the fact that it was considered not well enough.

The ToT for Community Empowerment Facilitators, held by the Directorate-General of Village and Community Empowerment (Ditjen PMD), the Institute for Good Governance and Regional Development (IGGRD), and the British Council, offers advantages to the participants as its training materials include the topic of “Indonesianity”.

“The understanding of Indonesianity values is important in any empowerment program, because our challenges in empowerment currently revolve around regional autonomy and disintegration issues,” Chamiyatus said.

“Right now,” she added, “the good values existed in communities tend to be annihilated, whereas the empowerment premise actually should be started from the low levels, from the local wisdoms that had been established in communities. Therefore, the ToT is expected to producing the community facilitators’ trainers who understand and are able to spread the virus of local wisdoms.”

On ToT’s first day, the principal trainers explained the relevance and benefits of studying the ToT’s materials. This is important for the participants who do not yet understand the effective training facilitation skills.

“Till today, we just train if we train. After we got the lesson plan, we delivered it directly without real understanding of the trainees’ psychological state. And that psychological understanding we eventually obtain from this ToT. We suppose the ToT can help us in training the community facilitators later,” said Nurahwati, PNPM Mandiri financial facilitator from South Sumatera, and Yessy Octaria, PNPM Mandiri technical facilitator from Lampung. Nurahwati and Yessy are ToT participants at Class 20.

Yessy added, “The class’s atmosphere for today has been pretty relaxed. The participants were funny. As a technical facilitator, I hope that after this ToT I could better understand how to train the field facilitators.”

There are 61 registered participants, consisting the representatives of various empowerment institutions such as PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan (Rural), P2DTK, P2KP, Ditjen PMD, and a local NGO. They came from provinces, cities, and regencies in Java, Sumatera, and Kalimantan.

According to John Erysson, training manager of ToT, only 45 participants already made it to the ToT. The 16 others have not come up yet.

“We are not going to tolerate the indiscipline ones. There was a participant who asked for schedule loosening, but the committee didn’t compromise. Indiscipline participants are causing trouble to us, and the implications can be subject to all participants,” Erysson said.

The opening ceremony of Class 13 and 20 for Jakarta chapter is going to be held tonight, after the first classical session has been over. Some representatives of Ditjen PMD, IGGRD, and the British Council are planned to opening the ToT officially.


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